Improve the intimacy in your relationship

Improve the intimacy in your relationship - Blog Post

Nobody wants their relationship to lose its magic too soon.


And whether experiencing comfort with your partner is very nice, keeping the romance alive helps the relationship’s magic in the long term… Want a hint on how you can do that?

Surprise them.

No matter how small, spicy surprises add a spark to the relationship. They are exciting, and a fun dynamic to create through the years. Plus, wouldn’t you love to make your partner feel special?

Bring sparking magic with these 3 surprises:

Expect the unexpected

    Plan something special on a random day!

    Like picking them up from work to go to their favorite restaurant. Or maybe going for a dance together and enjoying your favorite drinks is always fun if you’re in the mood. 🕺🥂 

    But if you both are the quiet kind of couple, surprising them at home with some romantic candles, their favorite meal, and their favorite movie can definitely be something they’ll love you for. 

    Treasure the little things

      Surprises don’t need to be a big bouquet or a big teddy bear. ❌🧸

      Starting a lovely or flirty game through SMS that goes on throughout the entire day is a very fun way to bring some fun… Until you see each other at home. 😉

      Or making a game out of leaving them little flirty notes hidden everywhere at home is a very fun thing to do too. We assure you, you’ll hardly be able to wait for your partner to find your notes! 

      Discover new adventures together

      A sense of adventure and excitement strikes the relationship when experiencing new things. 💖

      Striking them with a different and intimate surprise yourself is surely an amazing way to increase closeness. Treating each other with one of the most fun and romantic messages ever is likely to increase trust, release stress, and create feelings of deep satisfaction.

      – Psst! We’re talking about the Nuru gel massage.

      It is a unique and super fun massage that more and more couples are loving. And you both may love it too. 🔥

      These were just a few ideas, but we know you can come up with something sensational. You know your partner SO well, that a surprise they’ll absolutely love it’s 100% on you. 

      Have fun, be creative, and what’s more important, be yourself!


      After all, they fell in love with you.


      Keep the love going,
      The Magic Gel Team

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