Do you have enough intimacy in your relationship?

Do you have enough intimacy in your relationship - Blog Post

Intimacy for a relationship is what the filling is for chocolate. 

Imagine super tempting chocolate that looks so yummy from the outside that you can’t resist. But once you give it a bite, there’s nothing inside. 

Disappointing, right?

In relationships, intimacy is one of the most rewarding aspects. And making an effort to create strong intimacy in the relationship is key to a happy and satisfying union. 


Don’t you love the idea of a sweet, fulfilling, and super close intimacy? 


Then follow these 3 steps to strengthen yours: 

First, let down your guard. 

It’s important to be open and honest with your partner. After all, this is what intimacy is all about.

Being open about your feelings with your partner helps to discover each other. For example, sharing your thoughts at the end of the day can feel very intimate.

Always remember that working as a team through tough times is better than doing it alone.

Secondly, make small lovely gestures a habit.

Stay away from attacking criticism, either destructive or constructive can be difficult to hear, as we mostly grow to be defensive.

Making time for small gestures like a lovely note in the mirror or cooking their favorite meal once a week increases the closeness and loving feeling. 

Third, try new things.

New experiences help both of you get relaxed and revitalized.

Partners who share new loving experiences with their partners make the passion deeper than ever. For example, enjoying a new, different, and intimate massage together. 

Like the Nuru Gel, that will definitely help you build strong intimacy and reconnect in ways you couldn’t imagine.

 Hope you take the best of these tips.


The Magic Gel Team

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