How to Blow your Partner’s Mind

Are you ready to know how to blow your partner’s mind like never before?

Only a few people know about this super playful adventure.

And even fewer people know how to do it, step by step. 😏


Are you ready?


This ancient technique was created many, many, many years ago, by Japanese culture to experience a spiritual journey that improves emotional connections. 

It’s a magical massage technique, known by the name of Nuru massage.

 People all over Kawasaki, Japan, discovered that it was possible to experience much more than just a physical connection. 💞

And they went crazy for it!


Because not only does the Nuru gel massage provide a playful moment within you and your partner but also triggers strong tactile sensations designed to relieve stress. 


Ben Y., a Certified Amazon Buyer, is proof of this experience:


“...we were both amazed with the feeling and the even more sensual feeling it brought on... everyone should try it.”


How to blow your partner’s mind, Blog article.


Interested in knowing the magical Nuru gel massage step by step?

You got it.

  1. Set the mood.

This massage is romantic itself but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take it to the next level.


You could turn on some music, light some candles, or dim the lights in the bedroom to keep the vibe throughout the entire massage.


Don’t forget to turn off your phones so there are no interruptions. 😉


  1. Let the magic begin.


After preparing the place where you’ll make the massage, you have to pour ½ of your authentic Nuru Gel into a bowl and add warm water to it (no more than half a cup). Then stir the mix for a few seconds with your hand…


Remember, the gel should be a little warm. 


  1. Explore.


Try to relax and focus on every sensation you may experience, as the massage is also about stress release.


You can use your forearms against your partner’s muscles to help them leave every tension behind.


It is a super intimate moment so exploit every second and let the imagination flow.


  1. Enjoy each other.


This is not only an intimate but a fun-loving moment. So don’t worry if you feel silly and laugh about it together, it is supposed to happen.

Have lots of fun!


Now, how long will you wait till you and your partner open up to this whole new world of sensations?


You can always join our fun-lovers here.



The Magic Gel Team.

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