5 Quick Ways To Improve Intimacy

Love is one of the most challenging concepts to define. It’s more like a feeling, sometimes hard to explain.

However, in a long-term relationship, love, passion, and intimacy are of utmost importance. Sadly, others hold except intimacy in most relationships.

Why? There’s always little or no time put in improving intimacy, and some of the reasons include stress at work, addictive video games, Netflix, and many more. Intimacy requires you to be vulnerable and leap into a dearth of honesty.

Fortunately, we have a few tips to help you get your level of intimacy back to track:

1 - Be Open

Improving intimacy has to do with discovering each other. This isn’t a science project; all you have to do is keep being attentive. Most relationships have a big hole because they stopped discovering things about their partner.

Psychologist makes use of this simple principle to have their clients open up by having intimate conversations, which fosters the urge to disclose more about themselves. There are no shortcuts; you’ve to work your way up with your partner.

2 - Engage in deeply emotional conversations

One of those times, we feel closest to the people we love is when we are engaged in a deeply emotional conversation. Sharing your thought with your partner at the end of the day can feel very intimate. Before bedtime, make time to discuss more with your partner before dozing off due to hectic day’s work.

3 - Laugh More

When was the last time you both had a good belly laugh? Then you must remember how good and intimate it felt. Well, studies have shown that partners who share a humorous experience with their partners have increased the feeling of closeness and intimacy.

Although we don’t share the same sense of humor, however, it plays an integral in improving the level of intimacy. Genuine laughter makes both parties enhance the connection and understand each other a little better.

4 - Try New Things

Of course, most days in the week are stress, annoying, and heartbreaking; however, amidst those hard times is something beautiful - your partner. They can be light you need in those hard times, including your friends and family.

So, making time to do something with them helps both of you get relaxed and revitalized. There are a lot of options from having a picnic to Nuru Massage using Nuru Gel. Also, you can try raising a cat or a dog. Studies have shown that having a pet can improve intimacy in a marriage or relationship.

5 - Stay Away From Attacking

Criticism, either destructive or constructive, can be difficult to hear, as we mostly grow to be defensive. This defensive nature is immediately triggered anytime we feel attacked. At this point, resolving any issue becomes nearly impossible, but just make things worst.

As such, you need to learn how to share your opinion in a way that won't hurt if you want to be heard and have issues resolved genuinely. Note, finding the best way to discuss your opinions will not be an easy task, so take it slow and try new methods.

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