3 Tips For Making The Most Of A DIY Couples’ Massage

Spending significant time as a couple helps improve intimacy. However, you might want to try something new other than romantic dinners or night outs.

One of the many other ways to achieve that is couples massages. If done right, it can be a unique way to spend quality time and create a wonderful moment with your partner. According to a relationship expert, April Masini, “couples’ massage got more relaxation value than a movie or dinner, and it can be a decent way to take care of both yourself and your relationship, at the same time.”

Couples’ massage can do done at home and not necessarily at a spa, but before you hit the table stripped down, there are three tips to help you get the most of a DIY couples’ Massage:

 1. Keep Your Mind Clear

Keep Your Mind Clear

Make sure you take a couple of minutes to prepare your mind and ready to work with your partner.

This tip might seem obvious, but a lot of people end up getting distracted and ruining the day. Forget about the daily stress, your annoying boss, the wrong choices you made in the day, and many more. Focus on your partner alone; this is the key to having a beautiful moment and improving your intimacy.

2. Get Prepared

Get Prepared

Creating a loving and peaceful environment is one of the most important things to do before your couple’s massage.

Nothing spoils a beautiful massage session than having to get something you need. As such, it’s imperative that you place all necessary items at arm’s reach.

Also, you should ensure space is clear, tidy, and warm.

Here are a few things to have in place before the massage:

  • Towels come in handy when you need to pick your spills.
  • Grape seed, almond oil, or even olive oil will work just fine if you are looking to massage your partner. These oils are preferred to lotion since they offer a long-lasting slippery effect. However, for those who prefer the ancient Japanese massage technique, Nuru Massage, it’s advisable to get a jar of Nuru gel.
  • Oil (almond or grapeseed, even that olive oil you have in the kitchen) is preferable to lotion, which tends to absorb too quickly.
  • Take along some pillows, as you may need to place the face or neck on some and others under the ankles.
  • Cut all long fingernails. You don't want to spoil the moment with a small sharp cut on your partner’s body. But, if you just had a perfect manicure, use your forearms, fists, and knuckles instead.

3. Make it about relaxation

Make it about relaxation

Remember that the goal of the massage is about both of you, so don’t make it you alone. This is one place a lot of people go wrong. Just because you prefer a leg in your back does not mean your partner does.

Therefore, work with your partner and intuitively figure out what he/she wants and their body needs. However, if you find it hard to figure it out, then ask without ruining the session, as you go on with the massage.

Do not forget to pick out some music that often connects both of you.

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