3 ideas to keep the magic alive in your relationship

At some point in the relationship, your partner becomes your best friend.


From watching movies, eating, and going almost everywhere together. And it’s usually very nice and sweet. - Don’t get us wrong!


But sometimes making an effort for each other kind of stops. 😕


Here is when the relationship could get a little bit too comfortable.


The thing is, long-lasting relationships require daily effort and constant dedication… And as you may know, keeping the magic alive comes in this package.

 How hard is it to keep the magic alive in a relationship?


We know is not that easy but here are 3 exciting ideas everyone can start with today:


  1. Remember when it all started.


You probably went out together many times: Enjoyed some fancy dinners (or not that fancy 😅), went to the movies, took long walks together… And now it could be more common to just order some food and watch movies together. 


Remembering those old romantic times and actually getting nicely dressed for each other to truly date may be a wonderful first step. 😌


  1. Experience new adventures.


You already know what your partner likes when the mood strikes. And you’re waaay too comfortable with each other.


Take advantage of that and enjoy a new, fun, and exciting experience! This also helps talk about something other than work, kids, or home chores.


  1. Let the game start again


There are specific things that made you fall in love with each other a few years ago…  So ask yourself what interests you both share today.


As making an effort to be part of each other’s interests is key to maintaining a loving and fun dynamic.


Be curious and let them know you care. 


After all, your partner is probably your #1 Fan.


Show them you’re theirs. Everyday. 💓


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